Viviana Volpicelli: Hottest Photos On the Internet

Do you want to know who is winning right now in life? It’s Philadelphia Eagles WR Nelson Agholor, that’s who. Not only did he win the Super Bowl, but his girlfriend is stunningly hot. I mean talk about having the life right now. Go out catch a few passes in the Super Bowl then come home to Italian model Viviana Volpicelli; he’s doing it right.
Volpicelli attended USC which is where she and Agholor met but did not start dating until 2017. Smart move on her end, wait until you know he has made it as a pro before committing. You can’t have that body dating a failed NFL player. She graduated from USC with a Science degree.
Volpicelli is a beauty blogger where she gives advice on skincare, makeup, and fashion. You can find her blog here if you are interested. She frequently promotes Adidas, Gucci, Barney’s New York, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Kim Kardashian West.
Volpicelli attended the Super Bowl where she was pictured celebrating with Nelson Agholor on the field.
I’m still not sure what would be better, winning the Super Bowl or getting to celebrate with Vivian Volpicelli? But, only Nelson Agholor has the answer to that. Damn you.
As an Eagles fan though, Nelson, please keep winning those Super Bowls.

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