This Law Student Has Nearly Three Million Instagram Followers

Although Rawan Bin Hussain has cultivated a mass following on Instagram, she plans on pursuing something just a little different. The full-time model and full-time student at the University of Westminster is in her second year of studying legal academia.
After the 21-year-old finishes her undergrad, she plans on getting a masters in law then a PhD in criminalizing terrorism. Her end goal is to become a law teacher.

It’s a career path that’s surprising for someone who has been called ‘the Brooke Shields of Kuwait’ by Vogue magazine. She has 2.7 million followers on Instagram, 60K on Twitter, and has collaborated with the likes of Gucci, Charlotte Tilbury, Maybelline, Lancome and Make Up Forever.
So why law? Hussain puts it simply: “I love teaching. And because I love law. I want to teach law to other students.” The heart wants what the heart wants, and Hussein is choosing academia over runways. So far, it’s looking like she’s played things pretty perfectly – with an estimated worth of $1 million, Hussein can pursue one passion while another pays for it.
And one more thing to add to the list of this multi-faceted IG model (that contributes to my self-loathing). Hussain is also working towards gaining her private pilot license from the Oxford Aviation Academy… For reference, when I was 21, I got the flu and missed class for two weeks.

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