'Ready Player One' Breakdown: Top 5 Major Easter Eggs

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Ready Player One, made by legendary director Steven Speilberg is a fun and exciting movie about a young adult, Wade Watts traveling through a virtual reality video game in search for Easter eggs, intentional hints towards other film, video games, and television shows. This movie is littered with Easter eggs, so we decided to tell you about the very best. There are hundreds of other Easter eggs in the film, but we decided to narrow it down. The list is ranked in order of how exciting and impactful they are within the story.

Major Movie Spoilers Ahead: You Have Been Warned!

5. The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant is a classic animated film that is beloved by many, so when this he was shown in the trailer for Ready Player One, people were immediately interested in the movie. While this character was not exactly a surprise in the film, he was treated so well and made such an impact on the movie that he was quickly a highlight of the film. The character is teased throughout the film, but when the Iron Giant finally came alive and fought during the final battle, it was a sight to behold. The movie even included his hand cannon which was a fantastic surprise and unleashed the five-year-old in me and surely others in the theater as well. The death of the Iron Giant was even satisfying in which he sacrificed himself to save others, like how he did in the 1999 film. While melting into the lava, Iron Giant gave the thumbs up sign to the protagonist, which was a wink to the famous death of the Terminator in Terminator 2: Judgement Day which was the cherry on top of an already fantastic sequence.

4. Mobile Suit Gundam

Any person who had watched cartoons when they were young will remember the Mobile Suit Gundam anime. A show about pilot controlled fighting robots; it captured the hearts of young audiences through the years with its excellent action, character design and story. Another robotic character on this list which also was shown in the trailer, the Gundam in this movie, RX-78-2, was apart of a jaw-dropping action scene. Everything about the character was excellent, from the introduction of him flying into the air with his signature shield and gun and dropping down onto his enemies, it was any 90’s kids dream to see. In my movie theater, I had grown adults clapping at how amazing he looked. With the impressive showing of a Gundam in a North American movie, one can only wonder if this can be the next major movie franchise. One can only hope!


3. Mechagodzilla

A classic character from the Godzilla franchise, Mechagodzilla is the robotic counterpart of everyone’s favorite Japanese monster Godzilla. Mechagodzilla was used as a weapon for the movies main villain, Nolan Sorrento and was a real treat to watch. Mechagodzilla was a powerhouse during the final battle, holding his own against almost every movie and video game character you can think of, even against the previously mentioned Iron Giant and Gundam RX-78-2. This character was one of the biggest surprises in the movie because of the randomness, and awesomeness of the character. This movie portrayed Mechagodzilla as an absolute monster, literally and figuratively and made any Godzilla fan burst with excitement. This monster is sure to make a fan out of anyone who has not see any Godzilla movie and also leaves them wanting more.

2. The DeLorean

One of the most famous and recognizable cars in film history appeared in this movie. The DeLorean DCM-12, famed time traveling car of the classic film Back to the Future had a strong presence throughout the movie. From the first action scene where the main character, Wade Watts participated in a deadly virtual reality race throughout New York City. This car looks like it was ripped straight out of Back to the Future. The outside, the interior, and even the wheels that were able to turn flat, which made the entire car float was all included in this film. Wad Watts was even called Mcfly at one point. Another huge part of the movie was during the final battle where Wade Watts drove the DeLorean throughout the snowy battlefield battling every enemy that came his way. The reason it is number two on this list is how impactful the car was to the movie and how authentic it looked and was.


1. The Shining 

A huge surprise for everyone who went to see this movie. Wade Watts and his friends were able to go into the movie The Shining and roam around the hotel. As a massive fan of The Shining, I was floored with how perfect the hotel from the movie looked. From the main hall to the rooms and scary twins. It legitimately felt as though the characters were thrown into a whole other movie. The hilarious reactions from the characters inside the movie were enough to carry the film on its own. The highlight of this scene was when the famed ax was bursting through the door, just like in the original movie. At one point we see the back of the main character of The Shining, Jack Torrance chasing the main characters with his famed limp walk with the ax in hand.
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