Nasim Aghdam Photos: Full Story of YouTube Headquarters Shooter

Nasim Aghdam has been identified as the YouTube shooter that injured three in a San Bruno, California shooting. According to unconfirmed reports, Aghdam allegedly had her own YouTube channel where she would post “rants” about the company. Sources told KRON 4 that Aghdam drove up to San Bruno from Riverside County, California, where she shot a man and 2 women before killing herself. She was reportedly in her 30’s.

San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini was able to confirm that Aghdam died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Three people were injured in the shooting, with one victim being critically injured. None of the victims have been identified or were killed in the shooting.
At this time, authorities believe that the YouTube HQ shooting was due to a domestic dispute. The male victim in the dispute was taken to the hospital, however, he has yet to be identified.
On her website, Aghdam claimed to be a vegan and a PETA activist who was being”filtered” by YouTube. NBC reports that the license plate on a car towed from YouTube’s campus Tuesday was registered to Aghdam. In 2014, she posted a video on YouTube of what appears to be the same car, stating that it was vandalized by “anti-vegans” because the car had a sign saying “meat is murder.”

Aghdam’s Website

via KRON 4:

A woman shot multiple people Tuesday before turning the gun on herself at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, according to police.
Sources tell KRON4 that the shooting appears to be the result of a domestic dispute. A woman shot her boyfriend, who was the intended target. The others injured were caught in the gunfire.
The woman drove up from San Diego Tuesday, according to KRON4’s source.

President Donald Trump was briefed on the San Bruno shooting, tweeting at 5:49 p.m.:

“Was just briefed on the shooting at YouTube’s HQ in San Bruno, California. Our thoughts and prayers are with everybody involved. Thank you to our phenomenal Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders that are currently on the scene.”

According to the New York Times, , a 2014 F.B.I. study found that women were responsible for only six of 160 mass shootings in the United States from 2000 to 2013.
The YouTube HQ in San Bruno, California is approximately 13 miles outside of San Francisco, California.




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