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Mandy Rose is way more than just eye candy on Tuesday nights. She’s a fierce competitor who’s making quite a name for herself as part of the trio known as Absolution, alongside Sonya Deville and their manager Paige.
Rose is a former fitness model with a lot to prove on WWE SmackDown Live. Her real name is Amanda Saccomanno. She started off her career in WWE on the set of the sixth season of Tough Enough, where she competed with other hopefuls for a shot at earning a WWE contract. Saccomanno made it to the finals of the series, but failed to win the competetion, ranking in second place. However, she was able to impress the judges enough to receive a five-year contract from the WWE.
After a short uneventful stint in NXT, Rose made her way to the big leagues alongside Sonya Deville and “The Anti-Diva” Paige. Collectively, they are known by the name of Absolution; a group that grabs the attention of the Raw women’s division via brute force.
Paige and Rose use to be at odds with one another during the 2015 re-launch of Tough Enough. At that time, Paige was the judge and Rose was the contestant. Paige wasn’t sure if Rose wanted to be there and was quick to criticize her in-ring abilities. Now, Rose finds herself under the Anti-Diva’s wing.
Recently, Rose appeared as a guest on the podcast Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia. She spoke with Lilian about Paige’s critical ways and wanting to prove that she isn’t just another model with a pretty face.

“It was more of the fact that she would judge me that I didn’t know how to wrestle, which I didn’t know how to wrestle at that time because I came from a fitness background; I didn’t have any pro-wrestling experience. That was the biggest thing, and I think that I am very different than Paige.
Paige brought a lot to the women’s division, as the ‘anti-Diva’ which is great, but I kind of come off as the Diva, which I want to change that, I’m not just a Diva, of course, we’re called superstars, and maybe that was what it had to do with. We are very different, but Paige didn’t get to know me personally; she just knew me from the show, and I wasn’t the nicest on the show, which I get. I was playing a character, especially towards the end when I played the b***h.”

Rose and Paige are now tighter than ever. They’ve joined forces in a quest to dominate the women’s division of SmackDown Live. All three members of Absolution are now on the blue brand following the WWE Superstar Shakeup and Paige’s appointment as general manager of the brand.

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