Here's The Best Sister Jean Memes As We Head Into Final Four Weekend

What has been the best part of the 2018 NCAA tournament? Was it the improbable 16 seed UMBC taking down 1 seed Virginia? Or was it Michigan’s stunning buzzer beater against Houston? Maybe it was the fantastic back n forth overtime game between Duke and Kansas? Let me tell you it was none of those. The best part of this tournament has been the rise of Sister Jean and the Loyola-Chicago Ramblers.

That 6 is not referring to Toronto’s area code, but the 6 teams Loyola-Chicago will have taken down when they win it all this year.
And you know why they will win? Because…

Sister Jean has a higher power at work here. Sorry, Michigan, Villanova, and Kansas but you don’t stand a chance.

We now, unfortunately, know what weird fetish porn this guy is into. I was posed a hypothetical once; Would you rather have your girlfriend know where you are at all times or have her see your entire search history on PornHub? Without a doubt, my answer is to know where I am at all times, but this guy’s search history clearly delves much deeper into the dark side of the sexually explicit arts than mine.

Savage Sister Jean has not held back during this tournament. Get in her way, and you’ll receive her holy water.
Also for all the haters out there complaining about seeing too much Sister Jean, she has a message for you…

If you still have not gotten your fill of Sister Jean(basically if your not that Kansas St. fan) check out the “Top 11 Sister Jean Facts” below.

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