Laura Bragato Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures

Laura Bragato is an Italian Instagram model known for being the “sexy face of football” after posting pictures of herself wearing the jerseys of Italy’s biggest clubs, such as Juventus, Inter Milan, Napoli, and Roma.  And according to Bragato, it will be her and her belfies will be what sends Juventus through to the quarterfinals of the Champions League.
According to the Daily Star, Bragato said “There’s a saying in Italian, which basically says that in life sometimes you need ‘butt’, in other words, luck to succeed.”
via Daily Star:

“And people have been saying that my bum brings good luck, so I felt like sharing that first photo in support of Roma, who were playing that night. And it worked. So people started asking me to do the same for their favorite team each week, and it became so popular in such little time. Of course, I will support Juventus against Tottenham, and I’m pretty sure Juventus will win, sorry, that’s how it is.”

Laura, a law student who currently lives in Milan, attributes many of her 500,000 followers to her football-themed photos.

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