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Lindsey Pelas, a 20-something Louisiana girl living in Los Angeles, California, has racked up has over 7 million followers on Instagram and over 500,000 followers on Twitter. Not hard to see why.
In the past, Pelas has modeled for Playboy and was the Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month for May 2014. Those pictures certainly are something, however, we can’t post those pictures here (for what should be obvious reasons). However, Pelas provides her fans with enough content on Instagram to keep them occupied enough as is.
via FHM:

FHM: Let’s talk pillow talk. Guys are dying to hear what it’s like to be in bed with Lindsey Pelas.
Lindsey Pelas: “Well, there’s a lot of Netflix and a lot of napping! Ha. No, but sexually I can’t really comment. I think sex changes with relationships and moods and it’s always different. I’m all about the moment, not routine.”
FHM: And, naturally, the morning always includes homemade breakfast in bed for you, right?
Lindsey Pelas: “I’m a relationship girl so usually we’re waking up with shit to do! Haha. I’m down for a quick bite of something delivered but the breakfast-in-bed song and dance isn’t my style. Who’s gonna do those dishes?”
FHM: What’s the hottest thing a guy can say and/or do for his woman?
Lindsey Pelas: “I think respect is hot. It takes a strong, confident man to appreciate a strong, confident woman. A man who isn’t intimidated or competitive, but is confident enough to empower a partner… I find that really sexy.”

According to Pelas herself, her, uh, “talents” are totally natural, which gives her huge points in our book.

Lindsey Pelas Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures
Lindsey Pelas Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures
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