Almost Every Member Of An IU Fraternity Is Sick With The Same Illness

According to reports, nearly every single member of a fraternity at Indiana University fraternity has fallen ill with the same virus. Chuck Carney, a spokesman for IU, said he did not want to say which fraternity was affected by the virus, however, he did disclose that they appear to be ill with a “highly contagious” gastrointestinal virus. 50 of the fraternity’s 52 members are currently ill and are experiencing the same symptoms.
At this time, Carney said that while it’s not explicitly clear what virus the students have, he says it appears to be similar to the norovirus. He also said that the illness is not a campus-wide issue.
The Herald Times-Online reports that the virus first started spreading last week, with nearly every member of the unnamed fraternity falling ill by Wednesday, March 28. At this time, none of the students have been hospitalized.
via Herald Times-Online:

“It’s really a privacy concern,” Carney said. “We have advised them to act in their own best interest as well as those of fellow students. If they do that, the disease should run its course in one to three days. This is not something that’s widespread on campus.”

The infected fraternity members have been quarantined having been asked to stay in the frat house for at least 24 hours so they do not get anyone else sick.

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