2018 MLB World Series Odds: An Excuse To Watch The Long Season



For a lot of people, baseball lacks a certain pizzazz. It’s not as fast as hockey, there’s not as much scoring as basketball, and there are a few less explosive collisions than football. People don’t like that. Not their cup of tea per se. No matter how much they’d like to invest themselves in a 162-game season, they just can’t muster up the energy. There is a solution to MLB impotence though.
Nothing gets the blood flowing and pistons firing more than placing a bet. When you bet on sports, you become a (pseudo) expert. It may or may not help you with actually betting, but at the very least, you pay attention more. A game could go 3.5 hours and end with a score of 2-1, but you have a valid reason to sit through it. I’m not here to promote excessive sports gambling – I will say, however, placing a couple preseason World Series bets is pretty harmless and effective. It gives you jussst enough incentive to stay in the loop over the next six months, and by the end, you learn more about the game your grandfather loved (and thus, yourself?). Touching.
The MLB is one of the least predictable sports of the major four, which always benefits the preseason better. The early World Series odds are always essentially a regurgitation of the playoff bracket from the year before. This year, the two pennant winners, Astros and Dodgers, are the favorites with 11/2 odds.
In an unpredictable league, it obviously never makes sense to go with the top guns. Pick a few bottom dwellers with great payouts, and then one or two teams that make consistent playoff appearances but are not a top 5 favorite. This year my outside shot is Rangers at 200/1, my safety is Brewers 30/1, and my conservative bet is the Red Sox 10/1. Sure, 10/1 odds aren’t great but they’re not terrible for a team who’s a guaranteed contender. Only eight teams make the playoffs, and Boston is already looking like they’re positioned for another serious run with new skipper, Alex Cora.
Opening day is right around the corner. Check out the rest of the odds below, and give yourself an excuse to watch countless games (with a purpose) this summer.

Odds To Win 2018 World Series

Houston Astros: 11/2
Los Angeles Dodgers: 11/2
New York Yankees: 6/1
Chicago Cubs: 7/1
Cleveland Indians: 7/1
Washington Nationals: 9/1
Boston Red Sox: 10/1
Minnesota Twins: 20/1
St. Louis Cardinals: 22/1
Los Angeles Angels: 25/1
Milwaukee Brewers: 30/1
San Francisco Giants: 30/1
Arizona Diamondbacks: 35/1
New York Mets: 35/1
Toronto Blue Jays: 35/1
Seattle Mariners: 50/1
Colorado Rockies: 55/1
Philadelphia Phillies: 65/1
Pittsburgh Pirates: 120/1
Atlanta Braves: 200/1
Chicago White Sox: 200/1
Oakland Athletics: 200/1
San Diego Padres: 200/1
Tampa Bay Rays: 200/1
Texas Rangers: 200/1
Baltimore Orioles: 220/1
Cincinnati Reds: 300/1
Detroit Tigers: 500/1
Kansas City Royals: 500/1
Miami Marlins: 500/1

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