Susan Sarandon: Hottest Photos On The Internet

Susan Sarandon is a rare breed of woman with a beauty that has defied time itself. By looking at her, most wouldn’t expect her age to be 71. She proves that a lady can still be smokin’ hot in her seventies…well, at least when you’re Susan Sarandon.

But how does she look so freakin’ good in her early seventies? Sarandon told Vogue, “The secret – I mean, honestly, I think staying engaged and staying curious and having a good time is really a lot of it. And not smoking is really important. I think that staying hydrated and not doing anything too extreme, too… Also I’m not really a drinker. I think a little bit of wine in moderation is probably good, but I think really if you drink heavily it’s not great. But I guess good genes. I thank my mother.”
She also underwent breast-enhancement surgery at the age of 70, proving you’re never too old to get a boob job (maybe). Somehow, Sarandon is able to sustain her status as a sex symbol even in her seventies (now say that seven times fast). Though it’s really no secret why she is turning so many heads, even at her age.
Sarandon has had a very prolific career in Hollywood, appearing in at least 83 movies and winning numerous awards. She has won an Academy Award, a SAG Award, and a BAFTA Award, as well as five Critics Awards.
Most recently, the 71-year-old actress appeared as a guest commentator during a hockey game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Rangers last Wednesday. Her contributions primarily consisted of her saying “Ooh!” after a player attempts to score. (Giggity). Unfortunately for Ms. Sarandon, her voice-work didn’t go over well with many Hockey fans on Twitter (to say the least).
“Turned on Rangers-Penguins game. Heard Susan Sarandon talking, Turned off Rangers-Penguins game. Thanks #NBCSportsHockey #LetsGoRangers,” wrote one displeased fan by the name of @CarlAdamec.
I guess hockey isn’t Sarandon’s strong suit despite her noteworthy career in narration work. She has lent her voice to many other projects in the past, narrating over 20 documentaries, including This Is What Democracy Looks Like (2000), The Nazi Officer’s Wife (2003), A Whale In Montana (2005), and more.
Now, look up at the gallery and get an eyeful of a g-milf like no other. Like wine, Susan Sarandon only seems to get better with age. Though the gallery shows Sarandon at several different periods of her life. See her as a young lady or as an older woman who’s simply busting through the screen.

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