Moonstrucktraveller Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures of Sarah Kohan

Instagram has approximately 800 MILLION monthly active users and it sure seems like about a third of them are stunning Instagram models.
Now, while there are not actually 250 million Instagram models out there (well, maybe?), there definitely are a lot of them, which probably makes standing out difficult. However, one way to definitely standout is by posing with sharks, whales, elephants, and zebras.

The work of art you see about you is 24-year-old Austrailian Sarah Kohan, known on Instagram as Moonstrucktraveller (not the best name, but we’ll let her slide).
via The Sun:

Sarah Kohan, from Sydney, can be seen in incredible locations like the Cook Islands, Bora Bora, Hawaii, The Bahamas, Europe and South America, usually only sporting a bikini in the hot climates. The stunning 22-year-old is not all beauty and no brains as she has completed exchange courses at Harvard University and Columbia University. The adventurer can be seen engaging with the wildlife on beaches, swimming with a group of sharks, diving beside humpback whales, and holding up pigs.
Sarah will graduate from Notre Dame in June and hopes to intern with the International Criminal Court in Holland, told Daily Mail Australia her favorite trips have been when she came across wildlife. She explained that she loves to be swimming in the water with whales and said it felt like “nothing else matters”.
She enjoys seeing the animals in their natural environment and loves interacting with them, without them feeling scared. Sarah also works as a nanny, to pay the bills while she is at school, and she started documenting her travels on Instagram recently.

With nearly 1 million followers on the gram, we’re willing to bet that 2018 is the year Moonstruck absolutely blows up.

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