Martin Shkreli Memes 2018: Funny Photos, Best Jokes & Images

Martin Shkreli just got sentenced to seven years in the big house. Damn, that gotta hurt! This pharma bro/Wu-Tang Clan foe finds himself facing down the barrel of some serious hard time for his crimes relating to security fraud. There are reports that he broke down in tears before being sentenced. “The one person to blame for me being here today is me,” said a visibly shaken Shkreli in the courtroom before he was sentenced to nearly a decade behind bars.

Shkreli is notrious for hiking up the price of Daraprim over 5,000 percent, which is a medication primarily used to treat AIDs patients. The only thing he regretted about the controversy is that he didn’t raise the price of the medication higher. “I would have raised prices higher,” said Shrekli. “That’s my duty.”
But that’s not what put Shkreli in front of a judge on Friday. His crimes related to two hedge funds and his former drug company Retrophin. He was charged with security fraud. And the judge didn’t grant him any leniency despite all the great memes and countless Lulz he has inspired.
The famed Pharma-hiker has been ordered to give away an estimated $7.4 million he reportedly made as a result of his security fraud crimes. Shkreli is also ordered to hand over a Picasso painting and a $2 million Wu-Tang Clan album.
Marty is also known to have dissed Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan in a video released by TMZ. Big mistake, Shkreli, big mistake. You should know by now by listening to their records that Wu-Tang Clan is simply ain’t nothing f*ck with.
Lesson to be learned: Do not f*ck with any of the Wu-Tang Clan…ever!

What else is to be said about Martin Shkreli? He had a promising career as a hedge fund manager. But he threw it all away after getting too sneaky and greedy. He also f*cked with Wu-Tang, which is never a good thing.
Ah well, see ya in seven years, kid!
And for my readers: when you’re done seeding through the dank Shkreli memes, check out these hilarious GIFs of the shamed former hedge fund manager/hip-hop beef-master.






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