adidas Sport eyewear Has The Perfect Sports Sunglasses For Men & Women

You might not have realized this, but adidas Sport eyewear has some pretty sick gear. Besides the clothes that everyone knows and loves, Adidas just released a brand new line of sports eyewear that not only looks great but are the perfect sunglasses for your next workout. They’re so stylish that you could literally go from your workout to hanging out with your friends, but we don’t advise that unless your friends don’t mind your post-workout stench.
The brand new lines of glasses, the Tempest and Pacyr, are both designed for style as well as function. These look great but don’t let the style fool you, these truly are the best glasses you could own for your workout. They also both come in a variety of colors and lenses, so there’s sure to be a pair that looks perfect on you.

Adidas’ Line Of Sports Eyewear


Combining SPX frames and Vision Advantage lenses, the Tempest line of glasses are perfect for your next trip to the gym. Available in ten different colors and styles, the Tempests provide an excellent fit for runners, as the ultra-lightweight design makes sure that the glasses stay put on your face.


The Pacyr’s stylish approach to the sports eyewear design is its secret weapon. Not only do they look great, but they are also shatterproof just in case they happen to fall off your face. Oh, the Pacyrs are also fully compatible with your prescription lenses, so you’ll be able to see perfectly on your run as well.

The Wildcharge

The Wildcharge line seriously blurs the line between sport and style. It’s safe to say that any of us could rock these sunglasses when we’re out with friends or on our next run. The Wildcharge is also compatible with your prescription and also features the shatterproof technology that makes all of the Adidas’ frames so great.
After reading all this, we know that you’re interested in at least one of these pairs of glasses. The best part of all this is that Adidas offers plenty more styles of eyewear if none of these are what you were looking for. Check out the Adidas line of sports sunglasses here.

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