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Rapper Rick Ross, 42, has been hospitalized after falling ill in his Florida home on Thursday morning, according to the Davie Police Department. Police and emergency crew were called to the rapper’s home after he was “found unresponsive,” according to USA Today. According to a dispatch report sent to USA Today, police received a 911 call asking for assistance for a man who met Ross’ description “in distress”, breathing heavily and “slobbing out the mouth.” When he awoke, he was reportedly “combative” with authorities, according to avclub.com.
According to TMZ:

Rick is in a Miami area hospital getting treatment in the cardiac unit — a strong sign he might have suffered a heart attack which manifested itself as respiratory issues early Thursday morning.
TMZ broke the story … Rick was rushed to a hospital after a 911 caller reported he was unresponsive and “slobbing at the mouth.”

Initial reports from TMZ suggested that Ross was put on life support and was receiving treatment in the cardiac unit after suffering a potential heart attack and/or possible pneumonia.The report said that the life support machine took over function of his heart and lungs. TMZ reported that Ross was put on an ECMO machine, or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. This machine oxygenates blood by pumping it out and back into the body, and is used on people who have either lung or heart failure.
However, a recent report by XXL suggests that Ross was never put on life support. Rapper Fat Trel took to Instagram to dispelled the report/rumor that Ross had been put on life support, but confirmed that Ross is, in fact, hospitalized. Trel wrote on Instagram that  “JUS TALKED 2 MY BIG HOMIE… HE GOOD… HE IN DA HOSPITAL BUT HE IS NOT ON “LIFE SUPPORT” … HE GOOD💯💯💯”
Ross’ family also denies the reports that the rapper has been put on life support. TMZ also reports that his family also denies that Ross has been hospitalized in the first place.
TMZ also reported that Ross was receiving respiratory treatment, potentially for pneumonia. However, the same report says that someone connected to Ross “says that medical issue is heart related.”
According to TMZ, someone at Ross’ Miami-Dade home called 911 at around 3:30 A.M. to report that the rapper was in bad condition, unresponsive and heavily breathing. Ross was originally suppose to make an appearance Thursday night, but that was canceled because of his hospitalization.
Back in 2011, the rapper suffered a series of seizures. However, it isn’t clear what his prognosis is at this moment.

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