'Pretty Much Everyone On The Plane Threw Up' Says Pilot During A Rough Landing

On March 2nd, a nor’easter, bomb cyclone, winter storm or whatever other names the weather people are calling it now, rolled through the Northeast and wreaked all sorts of havoc in the region. From Washington DC to New England, residents were pounded with freezing rain, snow and strong winds that caused nightmares for travelers.
The passengers on a United Airlines’ flight that landed at Washington DC’s Dulles’ airport had a pretty rough go of it.
As the aircraft was in flight and the pilots checked in with air traffic control, the operators received the following message:

Listen, flying and traveling via public transportation generally sucks. You have bags to check, security to go through, loud children and crying babies to deal with, but I think it’s safe to say that a flight full of people throwing up tops the list of “this is what my actual nightmare looks like.”
It’s bad enough when the passengers are throwing up, but when the pilots, the guys that fly for a living, almost throw up too, that’s when you things have taken a turn for the worse.
Fortunately, there were no significant incidents, severe sickness or injuries that occurred on the flight and the plane was able to land safely at Dulles, according to a spokesman for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority said.
Let’s hope that these passengers’ next flight goes a bit smoother than this one.

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