Drunk Kid Takes A Six-Hour, $1600 Uber Home

Listen, we’ve all been there. You have one too many beers and/or mixed drinks, and you end up paying for an Uber home that costs way more money than you would have liked to spend. Hell, an Uber from Brooklyn to Manhattan can run you around 50 bucks, and that’s just going across a river.
Well, turns out Kenny Bachman had WAY too many and accidentally took an over $1600 Uber ride home. He was in West Virginia visiting some of his friends and obviously taking in West Virginia University‘s famous party scene and was attempting to be responsible and ordered himself an Uber back to what he thought was his friend’s house. Turns out, he plugged in “home,” and by home, we mean Gloucester County in New Jersey.
Before he knew what was happening, he woke up in the back of a Toyota Sienna barreling down the highway towards the Garden State.
Talking to NJ Advance Media, Bachman said “I just woke up…And I’m thinking ‘Why the f— am I in the car next to some random ass dude I don’t even know? Afterward, I had it fully sink in…once the ride ended and I saw how much it was when I was like ‘Alright, this is insane, that’s just crazy.'”
To put a cherry on top of this whole debacle, Bachman accidentally ordered an Uber XL, and there was surge pricing, so this only further compounded the cost of his trip home. It also turns out that the driver didn’t have any money for the tolls on the ride back to New Jersey and so Bachman was responsible for the fines that the driver incurred.
Bachman challenged the charge, claiming that he never put in the destination and that the driver had taken his phone. In the end, Bachman relented and simply realized that this was no one’s fault but his own. He agreed to pay the massive charge and is even going back to West Virginia–he has to get his stuff after all.

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