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Sridevi Kapoor is a Bollywood superstar who has appeared in nearly 300 films over a career that has spanned five decades. Kapoor passed away on Saturday and was laid to rest earlier today as thousands of fans gathered to pay their last respects to the late actress. On Wednesday, the 54-year-old star was cremated with full state honours and buried in Mumbai, India.

Sridevi is known as India’s “first female superstar,” and one of the very few Indian actresses who is a stand-alone box-office draw without the help of a male hero. She has been involved in Indian cinema since she was a 4-year-old girl, first appearing in the 1967 film Kandhan Karunai. The famed actress has went on to win numerous awards, including six Filmfare Awards and a 2003 MAMI Award in Contribution to Indian Cinema.
Thousands of fans flooded the streets for Sridevi’s funeral. The saddened crowd came to see the famed star for the very last time. Some people reportedly rushed to see the body of the deceased and police were forced to hold them back. The situation was said to be chaotic with a “visible air of sadness,” according to BBC News Mumbai.

One fan, Kalpanaben Kodekar, told reporters that she had journeyed all the way from the Indian state of Gujarat to see Sridevi “one last time.” Ms. Kodekar also said, “I’m really grateful that they allowed us inside and not just the celebrities. We’ll always feel the void Sridevi’s departure has created.”

Another fan told BBC that “Since I heard the news about her death, I have been standing outside her home for two to three hours every day, waiting for one glance.”
Sridevi’s life and career has clearly impacted many people. Thousands came out to see her funeral, while millions more were affected to find out one of Bollywood’s brightest star was laid to rest.

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