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Tough day to be any human being not named Halle Berry because she’s absolutely dominating us all — men and women included. You could should me these pictures and tell me Halle Berry was 35 and I’d wouldn’t even hesitate to agree with you. But truthfully, the fact that she’s actually 51 almost makes her kind of hotter? You know, kinda like how now everybody is appreciating Tom Brady more than ever because he’s old? Same thing … kinda?
Over the last year or two, and deservedly so, people have been talking about how gorgeous and dreamy Gal Gadot is and how awesome her performance in Wonder Woman was, with many fans pointing out that this is the first superhero movie that little girls can look up to.
HOWEVA, people are quick to forget that is was none other than HALLE BERRY who starred in the 2004 trainwreck Catwoman.
Yes, yes, Catwoman was just plain awful (9% on Rotten Tomatoes), but my point is that Halle Berry was a superhero long before Gal Gadot ever was, as we haven’t even mentioned her OG superhero role, Storm inĀ X-Men.
So, really, I just want to give a quick shoutout to Halle Berry for being the original baddest bitch on the planet, who even at 51-years-old, is still putting women half her age in body bags.

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