Dani Thorne Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures

Dani Thorne, also known as the EDM DJ COM3T, is the 25-year-old older sister of actress and model Bella Thorne.

Dani’s younger sister Bella, 20, is more of an actress, while Dani focuses on music. Dani performs as a DJ that goes by the name of COM3T. Similarly, she also performs as a DJ in a duo called “Master of The People” with her boyfriend, Dylan Jetson. During her DJ career, Dani has played shows at iconic venues such as EDC Las Vegas, BeautyCon LA, and Avalon Hollywood nightclub.

She has also modeled during her career, appearing in campaigns for GAP, Tommy Hilfiger, JC Penny’s, and Macy’s.

via Billboard:

COM3T is actually Dani Thorne, big sister to Bella Thorne. Turns out both Thorne sisters have a wild side, and they came together to turn all the damn way up for the elder Thorne’s new clip. Bella directed the “Habits” video, and COM3T stars as the shiny monster that lives under your bed — or maybe magically appears in it. She’s definitely up to something naughty, whatever it may be.

“Habits” is both visually and sonically unreal. Much like rolling around in a pile of glitter, you’re not going to get the feel of this one off your skin anytime soon. Do not attempt to adjust your video screen. Just let the colors do their thing and check out “Habits” below.

Despite having different talents and interests, Bella and Dani Thorne collaborate on projects from time to time. For the music video for her single “Habits”, Dani recruited younger sister Bella to direct.

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