National Margarita Day 2018 Memes: Best Jokes, Funny Photos, GIFs & Images

Happy National Margarita Day! February 22 is a day set aside to celebrate those tasty tequila-based cocktails known as margaritas. It is a drink that is shaken, not stirred.
Please shake it responsibly!
There are various possible origin stories of the margarita cocktail. One story suggests that the drink was invented way back in 1938 by Carlos “Danny” Herrera in his restaurant located half-way between Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico. The name of Herrera’s restaurant is Rancho La Gloria. Another story suggests that this tasty alcoholic beverage was really concocted back in October 1941 by a bartender named┬áDon Carlos Orozco.
It isn’t known the exact date or the identity of the real inventor of the margarita. Each origin story of the drink varies considerably, with the dates ranging from the late 1930s all the way up to October 1961.
By the 1970s, people were tired of simple margaritas. Well, not really. But I’m sure that many margarita fans were very hyped when the first frozen margarita machine hit the market. That machine was first invented on May 11, 1971 by Dallas restaurateur Mariano Martinez.
We may not know when exactly the first margarita was made, nor can we legitimately apply credit to any single inventor of that drink. But what we do have is the ingredients and preparation info to help you make a margarita of your own.

What Are The Ingredients For A Margarita?

  • 2 ounce Tequila
  • 1 ounce Lime Juice
  • 1 ounce┬áCointreau
  • A lime slice and grains of salt to apply to the rim of the glass

How To Prepare A Margarita?

  • First, you’ll need to rub a lime slice on the rim of your glass. This will make the salt stick.
  • Second, get to shaking! Shake the rest of the ingredients with ice.
  • Pour ingredients into your glass.
  • Make sure that you pour your ingredients over ice and be careful not to dislodge any salt.

Peep the gallery for the Margaritaville of memes. Speaking of Margaritaville, ladies and gentlemen, here is Mr. Jimmy Buffet

This writer at COED wishes you a happy and healthy National Margarita Day! And remember to always drink/meme responsibly.

Jacob Ryan McBain Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details
Jacob Ryan McBain Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details
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