Former IU Student Arrested For Selling Drugs Out Of Fraternity House

Levi Lewis, a former student at Indiana University student, is facing drug charges after police alleged he has been selling out of the university’s TKE fraternity house.
According to reports, Lewis’ activity was made known to police in December after police reportedly found 14 pounds of marijuana, Vyvanse, more than $3,000 in cash and three vape canisters inside a car parked at his fraternity house.
Court documents show that when asked what drugs he sells via text message, Lewis replied “I mean shrooms and moonrocks rn. Other things from time to time. Acid often.” When asked if he sold “coke” or “molly” he replied he sometimes does.
via CBS:

On Dec. 30, they told investigators at IU that Lewis and a non-student, 41-year-old Michael Pardee allegedly went to Evansville to sell drugs. Police said Lewis arranged the deal and Pardee ended up fatally shot during it. Lewis was reportedly in the car with Pardee when the shooting took place and called 911.
Police said Pardee left his truck at the TKE house in Bloomington. A search warrant was served and authorities found the drugs listed above, including 26 Vyvanse pills prescribed to Lewis. The next day, Evansville police were granted a search warrant for Lewis’ phone and discovered evidence that reportedly tied Lewis to large-scale narcotics dealing, some deals taking place at the TKE house.
“When we were notified by Indiana University and IUPD regarding violations of TKE’s Bylaws and Constitution, Tau Kappa Epsilon took immediate steps to uphold our values and principles through closing our Gamma-Kappa chapter,” the chapter said on Wednesday.
Police discovered that Lewis had a prior conviction for possession of marijuana and charged him with dealing marijuana, possession of cocaine, both felonies, possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia, both misdemeanors.

The University released a full statement on Lewis’ arrest:

“Indiana University immediately acted to investigate the alleged behavior upon learning of it and worked to support the IU Police Department in determining the facts of the case. These are serious allegations not in line with the values of IU and certainly not acceptable for the safety and well-being of our students. We support the actions of TKE International in closing the chapter given the nature of these charges.”

His first court date is set for March 14 in Monroe County, Indiana.
IU Police Department

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