'Drunk History' Renewed For A Sixth Season

Raise your glasses high everyone! Comedy Central’s Drunk History has been renewed for a sixth season. Less than a month into its fifth season, Comedy Central announced on February 22nd that the show had been renewed for another sixteen episodes of drunken escapades.
Drunk History began as a web series from Funny or Die and was eventually picked up by Comedy Central to become a TV series. The show, created by comedians Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner, helps viewers digest history a little easier. Let’s face it, history can be a bit dry at times so why not spice it up with the introduction of booze? On the show, various actors and comedians drink tons of alcohol and then retell various historical events to the viewer. Subjects have included the Watergate scandal, the story of Lewis and Clark, and the birth of Rock & Roll.
Drunk History has been a great success for Comedy Central, earning numerous Emmy nominations including a win for outstanding costumes for a variety program or special. Comedy Central president Kent Alterman had this to say about the show’s renewal: “They say history is written by the victors, but after five seasons, it’s now clear that it is best told by drunken comedians.”
The network appears to have plenty of faith in the show as it has become not just entertainment but also a pretty valuable teaching tool. After all, unless you were lucky enough to get tickets to Hamilton, where else would you have learned about the Reynolds Affair?
With that, let’s enjoy some of the best clips from Drunk History.





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