Final Round Of Miss COED 2018 Kicks Off NOW!

It’s been a fun ride for our Miss COED 2018 season but it’s time to find out whose going to take home the prize! Our remaining 14 girls have gone above and beyond to prove they have what it takes to be Miss COED 2018 but they need your help!

Head over to the Miss COED landing page to vote for your favorite girls.  The final round lasts until Monday February 26th at 3PM EST.  

The winner will be announced shortly after and will soon be heading to Cancun on behalf of STS Travel, the main sponsor of Miss COED 2018.
If you are interested in being a Miss COED for next year, head over to the application page to submit a short profile. 
Here is a quick preview of the remaining 14 girls:

  1. Marissa IzziUniversity of Cincinnati
  2. Kristen PryFlorida State University
  3. Lauren WinterhalterOhio State University
  4. SarahBeth HarrillTexas Tech University
  5. Jordan Summerfield – Western Kentucky University
  6. Michelle JablonskaUniversity of Delaware
  7. Jenna Palek – Kent State University
  8. Avery Lemler – Colorado State University
  9. Olivia Pollock – Great Lakes Institute of Technology
  10. Kylie SearlWashington State University
  11. Alexis OnealLouisiana State University
  12. Sydney Kramer – University of Tampa
  13. Madalynn Marrone – Coastal Carolina University
  14. Tanja Jeramaz – Santa Clara University

Good luck to everyone. We cannot wait to find out who will be crowned Miss COED 2018!

PIKE At SMU Under Investigation For Hazing
PIKE At SMU Under Investigation For Hazing
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