Nobody On Earth Is Hotter Than Rita Ora Right Now

Another week, another celebrity absolutely crushing social media: this week it’s Rita Ora.
Ora, 27, is one of the most famous pop stars in the world right now … everywhere except the United States, that is. Never has a pop star been so recognizable worldwide everywhere except the entertainment capital of the world. If you were to walk up to 10 people on the streets of New York City,¬†maybe¬†half of them would recognize Rita Ora.
But we’re not here to talk about Rita Ora’s music career, we’re here to talk about her absolutely slaying Instagram and Snapchat this weekend.
Clearly on vacation on some luxourious island, Ora has been blessing her fans with Snapchats and Instagrams glaore of her out-of-this-world body, making this particular Monday much easier then most Mondays. So thank you for your service, Rita.
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