All Of The Best Valentine's Day Sales & Deals

Valentine’s Day is many things to different people but we can all agree on one thing! If you are lucky enough to be spending the day with that special someone in your life, it is going to cost you! Fortunately, many places are getting into the season of love with deals and coupons to help you out. Remember, if your special someone doesn’t appreciate the value of a discount, then they are probably not the one as it is. Better yet, some places out there decided to “throw the bone,” as it were, by giving deals to lonely people without a date this year.

What are some of the Top 10 deals and promotions you can get on Valentine’s Day?

Auntie Anne’s 

Auntie Anne’s will offer a two-for-one deal with a “heart-shaped” pretzel on Valentine’s Day, provided that you download the My Pretzel Perks app before the clock strikes noon EST on Feb. 13! Sure, pretzels are traditionally “heart-shaped” by nature, but we must not question free pretzels!

Baskin Robbins

The age-old image of lovers sharing an ice cream sundae together has endured the ages since ice cream is just so delicious, but I think we can do better than just a sundae! Baskin Robbins is offering online coupons this year that will let you get $3 off any ice cream cake and $2 off any polar pizza!

Bravo Cucina

Bravo Cucina is offering up a special menu just for the holiday, including shrimp and lobster campanelle, grilled salmon piccata, crab crusted beef medallions and chocolate cheesecake! The best part is that this menu will last until the 18th, so you have a few extra days to save up for your date (or if you want to wait to celebrate this year, given the Valentine’s Day is also Ash Wednesday this year!)

Buca di Beppo

Honestly, Lady & the Tramp must have solidified the image of Italian food being the staple of Western dates, so we must not question it. Buca di Beppo is offering a “Valentine’s Classic Love Package,” that will feed up to three people, so dateless third-wheels are advised! Did I mention the heart-shaped lasagna? Because there is heart-shaped lasagna!

Halo Top

Halo Top is giving away free pints of their low-calorie ice cream for Valentine’s Day! Unfortunately, you need to be a resident of New York City, San Francisco or Los Angeles. Still, if you know someone who lives in those areas, then I’m sure they’ll hold it for you! As much as we all love vanilla ice cream, there’s a slight catch. According to Delish, the two free flavors are Red Velvet and Strawberry and you must purchase it using Postmates Fresh, with a possible service fee.


Just to be clear, you probably shouldn’t take your date to Hooter’s, unless, of course, they ask first, but for once, this isn’t about people like you! Not everything is about you! This is for all the lonely hearts out there! With the “Shred ’em and Forget ’em” promotion, you just need to upload a photo of your ex, rip it up and you get 10 free boneless wings!

Golden Corral

It’s already a buffet, do I really need to say more? For the holiday, a special menu will offer carved salmon, grilled shrimp skewers, butterfly shrimp and prime rib! That said, prices vary by location!

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday is celebrating Valentine’s Day by offering its “Love at First Bite” special, complete with new drinks! Just a reminder, you get the Endless Garden Bar, but can get a side instead for an extra charge. That’s right, you pay less if you want to eat more!


When your date says you can take her out to dinner, more often than not, “dinner and a show” is implied. Well, this has you covered! The “Valentine’s 2 For 1 Tickets Offer” is said to be good for 187 shows! It ends on February 16, 2018.


Frozen yogurt is basically the ice cream of the new millennium and TCBY is offering a two-for-one special (well, two-for-one-and-a-half) for Valentine’s Day! People go out for “fro-yo” all the time, so you might as well enjoy getting a deal while you still can!
We hope you have a happy (and cost-effective) Valentine’s Day!

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