Jimmy Buffett Net Worth 2021: How Much Is Singer Worth?

Deep down, we all wish to take a second away from our lives and just “waste away” in that far-off place called Margaritaville. Musician Jimmy Buffett has made such a name for himself with his iconic song, it might be surprising to remember that he actually had to release quite a few albums before he got his big hit. Always remember that it just takes one special big “break” in life to change a person’s life.

Jimmy Buffett Net Worth As Of 2019: $430 Million

Jimmy Buffett’s net worth is expected to be around $430 million. Let’s take a look at his career to see how far he’s come. You might be surprised to see what he’s been doing with his life!

The Early Years

Buffett was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi on Christmas 1946, but also grew up in Mobile, Alabama. He first picked up playing the guitar while attending Auburn University, although he earned his bachelor’s degree, in history, at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, his home state. Buffett started his professional music career in Nashville, Tennessee, where he dabbled in country music during the late 1960’s.



In 1970, he debuted his studio album, Down to Earth, although its “folk rock” influence often keeps it off the official chronology of Buffett albums. The following year, he recorded his second album, High Cumberland Jubilee, but it wasn’t released until 1976 and was often labeled a “lost album” for years. During this decade, he also found early work as a street performer. In 1973, he released his third album,  A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean, with Living & Dying in 3/4 Time and A1A coming out the following year, Havana Daydreamin’ appeared in 1976, and Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes in 1977. It was this seventh album that released the hit song, “Margaritaville.”



In the 1980’s. Buffett had more popularity with tours and concerts thanks to the popularity of “Margaritaville,” which even inspired a Key West retail store of the same name in 1985 and a cafe in 1987. In 1997, he branched out to create a musical show, Don’t Stop the Carnival, releasing an album of songs the following year.



In 2003, he partnered in a partial duet with Alan Jackson for the song, “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”, a number-one hit that returned to his country roots. The song was popular enough to win the 2003 Country Music Association Award for Vocal Event of the Year. In 2005, he branched into radio with “Radio Margaritaville,” which features 24-hour music and live broadcasts of Buffett’s concerts. The following year, he released the album Take The Weather With You.



Over the years, Buffett has had a diverse set of business ventures. In 2013, Buffett opened Margaritaville Casino at the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. By 2018, Buffett has released over 30 studio albums, in addition, to live and compilation albums, and continues to tour.
















Jimmy Buffett’s tour program for 2019 is all set from 13th March in Boise to 28th September in Paris and the tickets are also available along with the information in the official website.

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