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Gulbahor Becknazar, known as Principessa Persiana on Instagram, is an Instagram model, YouTuber, and a beauty therapist — whatever that means.
Once seen partying with world-class boxer Amir Khan following his breakup with wife Faryal Makhdoom, Becknazar has almost 60,000 followers on the Gram.
According to The Sun, Becknazar is originally from Massachusetts but is currently based in the Middle East. Gulbahor has attended the New York Film Academy and her YouTube bio reads: “I love acting, and I can’t wait to get my first Oscar.”

via The Sun:

After attending the New York Film Academy, she has an online showreel and a profile which states that she’s a 5ft3in “part-time model”. It also states: “I’ve acted in different short films, drama, comedy, action. Never been in reality shows but I used to watch different TV shows and I’m ready to be there.”
Amir Khan referred to her as “my girl” in a social media clip of them dancing together in a club and in a taxi. The pair seemed very close in the footage, which was shot in Dubai during a night out. After hitting the news with the video, Gulbahor told her followers: “Whatever I posted today on my story, I posted on behalf of Amir and there’s nothing wrong about it.

Definitely one of the more underrated models on Instagram, Becknazar is definitely worth a for her exotic looks.

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