Valentine's Day 2018 Memes: Funny Photos, Images & Jokes

Valentine’s Day is coming back again! C’est l’amour! C’est la vie! For some of you out there, it will be a day of passion and romance, with all your childhood fairy tales coming true. For others, it will be a day to curse the greeting-card industry. Of course, there will also be some who remember that this is actually a saint’s feast day. Regardless, we must all remember what is most important on this day of days: waiting for the day after when all that candy will be up for clearance sales.
Regardless, the magic of the internet means that there is something for everyone, from the happily married to celibate monks, to enjoy on Valentine’s Day! These holiday memes are so funny, you’d think it was April Fool’s Day for a second!
Some of them even double as Valentine’s Day e-cards! We all need to do our part to spite the big greeting-card companies!

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Maddie Oberg: Hottest Photos Of Carson Wentz's Fiancee
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