With Alex Smith In Washington, Where Will Kirk Cousins Sign?

In a move that sent shock waves around the NFL, the Washington Redskins came out of nowhere to trade for Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith. The trade of Alex Smith wasn’t shocking as the Chiefs made it clear that they were going to turn the reigns over to last year’s first-round pick Pat Mahomes. Washington acquired Smith for a 3rd round pick and CB Kendall Fuller, but not only did Washington trade for a new QB instead of resigning Kirk Cousins to a long-term deal they gave Smith an extension of 4 years which will pay him an annual average of $23.5 million with $71 million guaranteed. This is a massive slap in the face to Cousins who’s played the last two seasons on the franchise tag and was even willing to do a third season. The Redskins must’ve seen something in Cousins’ game that they didn’t like, but there are plenty of teams that could use a QB like Cousins. So where would the best landing spots for this talented 29-year-old?

The Minnesota Vikings


I’ve told my theory of Kirk to the Vikings to a bunch of my friends, and they told me I was crazy that no way they’d sign him. But why not? The Vikings made it to the NFC Championship with Case Keenum who then showed his flaws when they had to go to Philly, A place Kirk has played once a year for his whole career by the way. The Vikings have the interesting spot of having three free agent QB’s, Sam Bradford, Case Keenum, and Teddy Bridgewater, so are you going to tell me any of those three are better than Kirk? The Vikings are a QB away from being one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl. My question to everyone doubting this move, would you rather pay Cousins who’s been able to play almost every game of his career? orrrrr pay two of the three guys when you have Sam Bradford who tears something every time the wind blows, Teddy (who I think is great) but is still working back from that massive knee injury, or Keenum who’s been a journeyman QB his whole life and is most likely just lightning in a bottle. I think plugging in Cousins and getting back Dalvin Cook to go along with all their weapons and that elite defense makes them an instant top three favorites to win the Super Bowl.

New York Jets


The New York Jets finished 5-11 last year, and the sad part is that was overachieving for a team I honestly thought was going to win two games last year. Josh McCown was a surprise last year with how well he played, but the Jets went down this road two years ago with Ryan Fitzmagic, and that blew up in their face so I think they might move on from the journeymen QB’s that had one good season. This is where the decision comes in, do the Jets who have a solid running game, decent receivers, a below average O-line, and a pretty solid defense go after a proven vet like Cousins and then draft their needs or do they draft a QB like Baker Mayfield at pick #6 and sign players to fill in their holes? The answer to that I don’t even know (I know shocking) but if they decide on a vet, Kirk will be their guy.

Cleveland Browns


The Cleveland Browns got robbed of another chance to claim their ‘franchise’ QB when the Chiefs dealt Alex Smith to the Redskins over the Browns who were also in trade negotiations with the Chiefs. So now the Browns are sitting there and looking at a team that won zero games last year and a rookie QB who showed signs of ability but hasn’t quite put it all together yet. So why not sign Cousins and sit Kizor behind him and try and win now with Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman, Duke Johnson Jr. and use those first rounders to sure up the defense and the O-line and maybe even be competitive this year. Cousins has also said in the past that he would welcome the challenge and would like to be the guy to bring the Browns out of the dumpster (I paraphrased of course).

Arizona Cardinals


Arizona just lost their starting QB Carson Palmer this offseason as he’s decided to hang them up and retire. On the other hand the ageless wonder Larry Fitzgerald is coming back and looking to win now. New Head Coach Steve Wilks might want to draft a young QB aka “his guy” but for a team with David Johnson returning and a top-level defense making a move on Cousins could propel them into the playoffs and possibly further. This is another team to keep your eye on.

Outside Shots

Denver Broncos: A lot of people on my twitter are saying oh this has John Elway written all over it, and if this were last year I’d agree. But for a team whose defense is n the downswing after releasing TJ Ward midseason and now shopping Aqib Talib I just don’t know if it makes sense to pay a QB all that money if you’re not going to put a winning product around him. I also wouldn’t be shocked if they threw the money at him though typical Elway move.
Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaguars have said they are committed to Blake Bortles for the 2018 season which makes a lot of sense after he played his best game of his career in the AFC Championship game in Foxboro, that is no minor feat. That statement was also released before Kirk was a free agent. The issue is if you look at Blake as a whole he kind of sucks, and the Jags have the defense and the running game to win a Super Bowl right now, and in my honest opinion, Kirk would bring them there.

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