LA Rams Head Coach Sean McVay Has A Blindingly Hot Girlfriend

When you consider what he’s got going for him, Sean McVay may be one of the luckiest dudes in the country right now.
He’s the youngest head coach in the NFL, a prestigious recognition no doubt. He’s got a young franchise quarterback in Jared Goff and a young, talented team overall. He lives in beautiful Los Angeles, California and gets paid millions of dollars to do so. Life is pretty good for Sean McVay, and that’s without even mentioning his absolute rocketship of a girlfriend, Veronika Khomyn.
According to TMZ, Khomyn is a 28-year-old who’s originally from Ukraine. Khomyn met McVay when he was just tight end coach for the Washington Redskins.
Fellas, there’s living the dream, and then there’s Sean McVay’s currently life. Here’s to hoping he’s actually the brilliant head coach he seems to be a not just a flash in the pan because Sean McVay is a guy we can all root for.
In 2019, McVay became the youngest ever coach to lead his team to the Super Bowl when he led the Los Angeles Rams to Super Bowl LIII at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta against the New England Patriots.

Demi Lovato … Sheesh
Demi Lovato … Sheesh
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