Demi Lovato … Sheesh

Demi Lovato may have been the underrated Instagram follow of the year in 2017, but if her early 2018 posts are any indication, she plans on being underrated no more.
Whenever I think of Demi Lovato, the first thing I think of is her speaking out about body confidence. And that’s totally cool, I’m all for people loving who they are. It’s necessary for a healthy soul, a healthy life. Especially considering her fanbase, that’s the type of message she should be sending.
But like, real talk, Demi Lovato is essentially a one-percenter in terms of human genetics.
I’m not trying to be a dick or anything, but if Tyler Durden walked in the room and was all like, “Just love yourself, Eric,” I’d be like, “Eh, f*ck off 1999 Brad Pitt. You’re actually so handsome it hurts so I really don’t wanna hear it from you, Chief.”
This isn’t to say I don’t appreciate what Demi is doing. If these photos are the result of self-confidence, then please, self-confidence yourself all over my Instagram feed.

All of this was just a long-winded way of saying, Demi Lovato, in any shape, is wildly attractive and an absolute must follow on all forms of social media.

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