Clemson University Suspends Fraternity Social Events After Reported Sexual Assault

Clemson University has suspended all Greek Life social events following a reported sexual assault over the weekend.
According to reports, a public safety alert was sent out on Saturday morning, notifying the university that a sexual assault had allegedly taken place at the Delta Chi Fraternity House. Clemson University police turned the case over to the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office to investigate.
At this time, no arrests have been made.
via The State:

A sexual assault was reported at a Clemson University fraternity house over the weekend and the intrafraternity council has suspended all social events in response, according multiple reports.
The sexual assault was reported to Clemson University Police around 12:30 a.m. Saturday by a female on campus, reported. The woman told officers that the sexual assault happened earlier in the evening at the fraternity house.
The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office confirmed it is investigating the incident that allegedly occurred at Delta Chi Fraternity House in Seneca, according to
Officials say no arrests have been made so far.

Clemson’s Interfraternity Council issued a statement announcing the suspension of all social events held at fraternity houses “until necessary measures are taken”.
The full statement from the university’s Interfraternity council:

The Interfraternity Council at Clemson University is committed to creating an environment for its members to succeed academically, philanthropically, and socially, as well as holding our members to a higher standard.
Therefore, we are suspending all social events at fraternity houses effective immediately. This suspension will be effective until necessary measures are taken. Only events that can take place with alcohol will be located at third party vendors (i.e. mixers downtown and formal events).
The IFC Executive Board met this morning regarding the alleged sexual assault and came to a decision to better our Risk-Management Policy. We will be taking the essential steps to further improve the health and safety of our community here at Clemson.
We are looking forward to working with our partners on campus as well as national headquarters and alumni to achieve our common goal of creating a sustainable environment for all our chapters to excel in future endeavors.

The greek life suspension at Clemson comes after similar decisions were made at Texas State University, the University of Michigan, Florida State University and other schools.

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