MLB Hall of Fame 2018 Results: Meet The Class Of 2018

This July the MLB Hall of Fame will be gaining four new members to its prestigious club. Every kid growing up playing sports dreams of two things, hitting the game-winner in a championship game and being inducted into the Hall of Fame. The difference between the two is that game winners will live on in peoples memories and can be forgotten, but when you are in the hall of fame, you’re immortal.
Here’s a look at this years ballot filled out by Micheal Kay:

This year marked only the fourth time that there were four inductees in a single class. As you can see the ballot above is full of guys, who will be in the Hall if not this year certainly within the next few years. The biggest debate, of course, is with Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa and Manny Ramirez due to there ties with PEDs. Bonds, Clemens and Sosa, were never actually caught or convicted of doing steroids contrary to popular belief. Manny, on the other hand, has served a suspension for PEDs. Spoiler alert none of them got in, but all the players that did get in were more than deserving.

Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones is one of the most popular names in baseball he’s best known for his pure enjoyment of the game. Chipper’s attitude was just as good as his play, he was a .303 career hitter with 468 home runs and has 1,628 Rbi’s. The former first overall pick in the 1990 MLB Draft was everything the Braves could have hoped for and more; he was an eight-time all-star even capturing the NL MVP in 1999. Chipper Jones is one of my favorite players and the 1995 World Series Champion is more than deserving of the title Hall of Famer.

Vladimir Guerrero

Vlad is if not one of the best bad-ball hitters of all time, there was no pitch this guy couldn’t hit. I mean the guy literally hit a ball that bounced for a base hit! ┬áVlad spent a majority of his career patrolling right field for the Expos and the Angles where he was a nine-time all-star (including one with Texas), took home eight silver sluggers, and the 2004 AL MVP award. Vlad had one of the strongest arms ever to grace the diamond, I suggest you look it up on youtube because the number of absolute lasers this guy has thrown in unbelievable. Vlad was so much fun to watch, and I’m happy that he is a part of baseball immortality.

Jim Thome

Jim Thome was one of the most feared players of his generation, but after spending the first chunk of his career with the Indians, he bounced around all over the league. No matter where he went Thome brought leadership along with his big bat. Thome is one of eight players in MLB history to have over 600 career home runs, 612 to be exact. Jim made five all-star appearances; he also won AL Comeback player of the year (2006) and the Roberto Clemente Award (2002). Thome is one of the best home run hitters, and you know what they say chicks dig the long ball, welcome to Cooperstown Jim you earned it!

Trevor Hoffman

Trevor Hoffman was the MLB career leader in saves when he retired with 601, before being passed by Mariano Rivera. Hoffman is one of only two players to record more than 500, and 600 career saves, that type of consistency is basically unheard of. Hoffman closed out so many close games and earned each and every single one of his seven all-star game appearances. Trevor won all different kinds of awards including, the NL Relief Man of the Year twice (1998,2006), the Lou Gehrig Award (2006), The Hutch Award (2004), and he even got his number retired by the Padres in 2011. Trevor Hoffman might be the second best closer in MLB history if not top five easy, much deserving for one of the top pitchers ever to throw a baseball!

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