Alabama Player Who Went Nuts During The National Championship Transfers To Tennessee State

Aside from the plays on the field that propelled Alabama to one of the greatest comebacks in national championship history, the most memorable moment from the game happened off-the-field, when Crimson Tide linebacker Mekhi Brown went ballistic on the sidelines, seemingly going after one of the university’s coaches.

Not too long after that game (one week, to be exact) Brown announced on Twitter that he was transferring to … Tenessee State?

Yeah, sure, Mekhi Brown “transferred”. And Tupac is “dead”. And we “landed” on the moon. And JFK was killed by “Lee Harvey Oswald”. You pick up what I’m putting down?

“I wasn’t kicked off the team, I had my mind set on leaving early in the season. Coach Saban didn’t want me to leave and had no plans to kick me off the team,” Brown wrote on Twitter.

While “many people” are claiming that Brown had plans to transfer midseason, it’s hard to imagine a starting linebacker for a national championship winning team playing for the best coach in the country wants to go to a JUCO.

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