'Deadpool 2' Release Date Bumped Up Two Weeks

Almost two years ago, back in 2016, Deadpool took the movie world by storm with a comic book film unlike any that audiences had seen before.
An R-rated superhero film unlike anything that had come before it, Deadpool breathed a much-needed new life into the comic book film industry with self-awareness, swearing, and R rating. In fact, the original Deadpool was so hilarious, that some people, myself included, consider it more of a comedy than an action film.
Following the release of Deadpool, the sequel was quickly put into production for a Summer 2018 release date. While fans have been treated to a mini-teaser, neither the name, the plot or the trailer have been released. However,  despite this, that hasn’t stopped 20th Century Fox from moving the film’s release date up two weeks from June 1 to May 18.
via THR:

In what is sure to be a treat for Deadpool fans, the highly anticipated sequel to the 2016 Ryan Reynolds smash is being pushed up two weeks, from June 1 to May 18.
The move puts the action comedy against Sony’s Slender Man but, more importantly, has it opening one week before Disney’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s a strategic play as even second weeks have been exceptionally strong for Star Wars movies. (The Last Jedi earned a big $71.5 million in its second weekend in December.)
Insiders say one reason for the change is for the studio to avoid having an overlap with X-Men movies in certain overseas marketplaces, where Mutants and Deadpool 2 would have been in theaters at the same time.

While fans are surely glad to hear that Deadpool’s return will be coming two weeks earlier, I’m sure most of them (myself included) would have preferred news of a trailer release instead. NEED to see Cable.

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