Tennessee Titans New Head Coach: Top Options After Mularkey

The Tennessee Titans shocked the world when they came back from down 21-3 at halftime to defeat the Chiefs 22-21 in regulation during the first round the of NFL Playoffs. With Marcus Mariota learning that he can just catch his own passes and Derrick Henry finding himself with over 150 yards in that game as well. The season ended as most do, in Foxboro. The Titans were just completely over matched against the Patriots and they knew if they were ever going to contend they were going to have to make a change. So on the morning of January 15th Mike Mularkey and the Tennessee Titans agreed to “mutually” part ways. I say “mutually” because what coach would voluntarily leave a playoff team!? But regardless of who wanted to leave the Titans are looking for a new head coach and have already zeroed in on a few targets.

Josh McDaniels: Patriots Offensive Coordinator

Josh McDaniels seems to be at the top of everyone’s list now that Matt Patricia has signed on to be the Lions HC. McDaniels has spoken openly about how he won’t go anywhere until he will be guaranteed control of the personnel. I think the Titans would jump at the chance to add an offensive mind such as his to a group stacked with talent with players such as the guys mentioned up top, Corey Davis, Delanie Walker and one of the top O-lines in the league. I believe the Titans are willing to give McDaniels the control he’s looking for and he is the perfect guy to give them the spark they need to turn into a serious contender. With Josh McDaniels at the top of everyone’s list let’s see if the Titans can pull the trigger before so many other teams interested in his services.

Pat Shurmer: Vikings Offensive Coordinator

All that needs to be said is look what this man did with Case Keenum! Some credit goes to Case obviously but time in time out Shurmer has called great games allowing Keenum to feel comfortable in the games and allowing him to flourish. Shurmer is a great offensive coach, he’s turned Jerrick McKinnon and Latavioius Murray into one of the most dangerous backfields in football imagine what he’ll do with Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry. With Shurmer in the running for the Giants and many other teams HC job, if the Titans miss out on McDaniels it wouldn’t be surprising to see them sign Shurmer that same day and not let themselves miss out on a great coach.

Steve Wilks: Panthers Defensive Coordinator

Steve Wilks is one of the best defensive minds in the game, and if you don’t know his name, you should learn it. Wilks has been apart of a lot of great defensive staffs and has had top 5 defenses everywhere he has coached especially in the secondaries. The Titans were one of the best run stuffing teams in the league ranking inside the top 10 in most major categories. With the proven abilities to stop the run and a mind like Wilks increasing the skills of a young secondary that defense could become one of the better units in the league. The Titans have all the pieces for Wilks to bring in a veteran OC to help manage the duties of play calling and really run with this talented offense. I can see the Cardinals going after Wilks just as hard if not harder so the Titans will have to pounce on him soon if they decide he’s the guy.





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