Kim Mellibovsky Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures

Kim Mellibovsky has become a social media star despite being a full-time Israeli soldier. But, taking one quick look at her pictures, it’s easy to see how she’s amassed such an enormous following.

Mellibovsky, believed to be 22, has been wowing the world with her skimpy bikini pictures and her tight-fitting Israeli Defense Forces uniform. She’s the only protection we’d ever want should s— start to go down right here.

Mellibovsky boasts more than 20,000 followers on Instagram and her photos receive hundreds upon hundreds of “likes” and comments. Not going to lie, I also just threw her a follow right this moment. Definitely don’t regret that one.

Military service is a requirement for the majority of Jewish Israelis. Men must serve two years and eight months while women must serve two years. I happen to know a handful of Israelis personally and they are all beautiful people. Seriously, they are all good looking, it’s crazy. Perhaps America really should cut down on the fast food. No joke: Israelis eat olives and corn on their pizza, not sausage/bacon/ham/chicken/pepperoni and other fatty ish. When I told one Israeli friend about our pizza toppings, she was literally astonished and mildly disgusted. Ugh, I feel fat. Where’s the nearest treadmill?

The Israeli military is believed to include more than 120,000 soldiers in mandatory service, though this is just an estimation as the IDF does not provide such figures. All I know is that I really want to move to Israel right now.

Stay safe, IDF badasses.

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