College Football Hall Of Fame 2018: Full List Of Inductees

The 2018 College Football Hall of Fame Class has some of the biggest names in not only college football but the pros too! It is headlined by names by the likes of Charles Woodson, Ed Reed, and Calvin Johnson Jr. This is one of the greatest honors you can receive after your colligate career has ended. Being named to the Hall of Fame means that your legacy is forever cemented into the grains of college football forever.
This year they will be inducting 13 men into the College Football Hall of Fame, 10 players, and 3 coaches. These men have been apart of so many huge football moments its hard to just pick a few examples. Mack Brown will be getting in this year he coached Texas during that electric Rose Bowl against Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart. That was one of the best games of all time and Mack Brown came up with the strategy to defeat a team no one thought they’d beat. I can name a hundred plays between Charles Woodson and Ed Reed, those two made opposing QB’s have nightmares because they just caused so many problems for offenses. I can go on and on about everyone that will be getting in, I mean they wouldn’t be getting in if they didn’t make a huge impact right? Well, enough waiting lets get on with it!
The official induction ceremony will be on December 4, 2018. Let’s see which players and coaches will be entering College Football immortality!


Kerry Collins, QB, Penn State (1991-94)
Dave Dickenson, QB, Montana (1992-95)

Running Backs

Trevor Cobb, RB, Rice (1989-92)

Paul Palmer, RB, Temple (1983-86)

Wide Receiver

Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech (2004-06)

Offensive Linemen

Matt Stinchcomb, OT, Georgia (1995-98)
Aaron Taylor, OL, Nebraska (1994-97)

Line Backer

Dana Howard, LB, Illinois (1991-94)

Defensive Backs

Charles Woodson, DB, Michigan (1995-97)

Ed Reed, DB, Miami (1998-01)


Frank Beamer: Murray State, Virginia Tech
Mack Brown: Appalachian State, Tulane, North Carolina, Texas
Mel Tjeerdsma: Austin College, Northwest Missouri State

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