Pinstripe Bowl 2017: Score, Stats & Live Updates For Iowa vs. Boston College

While teams desire a balance between the run and passing games, the ground game will be emphasized when Boston College and Iowa get together in Wednesday’s Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium. Both teams are at 7-5 looking to go out on a high note.

Live Updates for the New Era Pinstripe Bowl (EST):

5:21: 24-yard field goal completed by kicker Recinos for Iowa (3-0).
5:53: A.J. Dillon score a 2-yard touchdown run for Boston College after an 11-minute drive (7-3).
5:55: Iowa returns the kickoff back 53 -yards to BC’s 18 yard line.
6:03: Iowa’s Nathan Stanley scores on a 4-yard misdirection run (10-7).
6:14: Boston College responds with a 39-yard TD pass complete to Tommy Sweeney (14-10).
6:30: BC’s A.J. Dillion breaks a 66-yard run for the Eagles to reach the red zone on 3rd and 1.
6:34: BC’s Colton Lichtenberg 30-yd field goal try good (17-10).


7:22: At mid third quarter, Iowa’s Aaron Wadley rushed 5 yards for a touchdown (17-17).
7:44: To take the lead, Iowa’s Recinos makes his second field goal from 38-yards out early in the fourth (20-17).
7:54: BC’s Darius Wade pass complete to Tommy Sweeney for 48-yards to the Iowa 7 for a 1st down.
7:56: BC’s Colton Lichtenberg 24 yd Field Goal complete to tie the game (20-20).
8:11: Iowa’s Colton Lichtenberg 24 yd, PAT good (27-20).
8:21: Darius Wade pass intercepted Joshua Jackson return for 5 yards to the BC 48

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