New Year's Resolutions 2018: Top 6 Resolutions & How To Actually Keep Them

The New Year is quickly approaching and that means a couple of things. First, it probably means you are doing a lot of reflecting on 2017. For some, that means looking back on the great year that is coming to a close. For others, it means wondering how they can make 2018 be better than 2017.
Whatever New Years means to you, it can be a time to take a step back and really set some goals for yourself. It can be a time to decide what you want 2018 to be for you and how you can take the steps to make sure that happens. New Years is the perfect time to let go of any negativity that you may have in 2017 and bring some light and positive energy into the new year.
With that being said, now’s your chance to sit down and make a list of all of the important changes you want to see in 2018. Maybe you want to rid yourself of negativity surrounding you or maybe you want to move away from your hometown and start fresh.
Whatever the case is, we know that resolutions can sometimes be tricky. Sure, it sounds great. Just make a plan and stick with it, that’s easy enough, right? Wrong. Sometimes life just gets in the way and resolutions become forgotten ideas. Well, I’m here to help make sure that doesn’t happen to you! Here’s a list of some of the best and most popular resolutions to help make 2018 a great one. Oh, and some tips and tricks on how to actually stick to them!

1. Get in shape

Get in shape
Probably one of the most common New Years resolutions in America is to work out more, get in shape or just stay healthy/fit. There’s tons of exercise programs and diet plans out there, it can be overwhelming. The most important thing to remember when trying to stick to this resolution is to find whatever works for you. A no-carb diet might work for your friend, but it might not work for you, and that’s okay. Find something that works for you and it’ll make it much easier to stick to your resolution!

2. Stop procrastinating

Another huge block for a lot of people, especially college students (come on guys, don’t lie), is procrastination and poor time management. How many times have you saved that 12-page paper for the night before and wanted to actually punch yourself in the face? Yeah, me too. With that being said, the new year is the perfect time to make a promise to yourself to manage your time better and stop putting things off until the last minute. Try keeping yourself organized or leaving your notes to yourself as reminders to get stuff done.

3. Earn more money

Money Saving Tips


I’m pretty sure everyone in the world wants more money, even people that might not need it. Unfortunately, money is a huge part of life and it’s much easier to spend it than it is to earn it. There’s actually tons of ways to make extra money, even while keeping a regular 9-5 job. There’s tons of side jobs you can do on the side, even being a babysitter or a nanny. You can even work as a freelancer or use the internet to make some extra cash.

4. Reduce stress

Who else wants to reduce their stress and be more relaxed? Everyone? That’s what I thought. Stress can be so destructive to the human body and can effect your health and relationships with others. Although stress may be unavoidable in some times of our lives, there are tons of things you can do this year to make sure you can at least cope with stress well, therefore reducing it and living a happier life. Things like yoga and meditation are great ways to reduce stress. Keep it simple by setting some time aside for yourself to get away from the hectic every day routine.

5. Give up bad habits

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Everybody has bad habits. Whether it’s something big like smoking, or something minor like biting your nails, a bad habit is a bad habit. It’s important that we recognize our bad habits and do our best to stop them. The most important thing to remember when trying to give up habits is to remain dedicated and not to get down on yourself if you have some setbacks in your progress. It happens to everyone and all things take time.

6. Rid yourself of negative people

It’s so easy to get caught up in negativity, especially when you’re surrounded by negative people. Sometimes you don’t even realize people are negative influences on you until they’re long gone. In life it’s important to surround yourself with people who lift you up rather than bring you down. If you’re having a hard time riding yourself of negative people, just try to slowly distance yourself from them and their negativity. If that doesn’t work, you can always sit them down and be honest. Remember, the most important person in your life is you and it’s more than okay to put yourself first.

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