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If you thought the holiday shopping was over, you obviously aren’t from Great Britain or any of the Commonwealth nations (Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and many other former British colonies). Today, many brits can get their paws on sale after sale. There’s definitely a lot of bargain deals on the day after Christmas. Whatever is left over has got to go…

But where does Boxing Day originate? The tradition began in the 17th century, as employers paid homage to their servants by granting them a gift, which was called a ‘Christmas-box.’ This box contained various items, including bonuses, gifts, and occasionally leftover food. Sounds delicious!
Boxing Day always falls on December 26, the day after Christmas. In the United Kingdom and its former collection of nations, Boxing Day is a secular holiday with no religious roots. However, in European countries such as Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia, this day is celebrated as if it were an extension of Christmas (or the second day of this holiday). Boxing Day also falls on the same date as St. Stephen’s Day in Western Christian tradition, a date set aside to celebrate the first Christian martyr or protomartyr.
Are you planning on going shopping for Boxing Day? Or would you rather just spend time with your loved ones and loyal electronic devices instead of doling out dollar after dollar, buying things that you don’t really need. A sale is used to bait you to purchase items you would normally pass up on….but the bargains are just so good! What to do? What to do?
Snap out of it!
What? You forgot to get your mates something for Christmas or Hanukkah? Well, that’s a shame. Hopefully, you can find something neat for Boxing Day. Did I just go from telling you to snap out of the shopping craze to suggesting you buy a gift for your friend? Just trying to be consistent!
And oh yeah, Happy Kwanzaa too!

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