Sexy Christmas Costumes 2017: Hottest Holiday GIFs & Photos

Hopefully, you’re all having a very sexy Christmas. If not, here is your retreat to someplace super hot in this cold, cold season. The weather in December is normally very frigid and hard to bear. But these ladies will warm you right up in the best way they know how.
Where can you find a better gift? Not in your local department store, that’s for sure. These gorgeously-wrapped photos will live in your mind for hours after you leave the gallery. And they will remain like still-sexy frames in your head, haunting you with an everlasting lustful vision. The pictures are not just hot, they’re mind-blowing!
WARNING: The gallery is so hot it’d melt all the ice caps at the North Pole! That’s a Global Warming theory many guys (and gals) can get behind. However, bad news for the polar bears, penguins, and Mrs. Claus. She’ll most definitely get jealous once Santa gets a peep of this article.
But wait…there’s more!
This hot Christmas-themed extravaganza also comes with some stunning GIFs. Celebrate this special day with amazing models that will show you the right way to ring in the holiday…

What more can you ask for? Well, probably an Xbox One X, a Nintendo Switch, and a PlayStation Pro, but I’m not made out of dough. Though I can give you something even better to wet you’re appetites after your done putting the sexy back in Christmas. Check out these super ridiculous memes and you’ll be shooting eggnog out your nose in no time! There are so many Christmas memes that COED dedicated two articles to the topic…

And if memes don’t work, here’s something that will really tickle your funny bone. It’s Merry Cringemas with more than 20 of the most awkward Christmas photos and cards on the planet.

If you plan on partying it up tonight then you should check out these excellent drinking games that are fit for Christmas. Time to get ripe for the holiday season (responsibly, of course).

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