New Study Shows What “Thing” Your State Hates The Most

In 2017, it can seem as though our nation is more divided than ever.

Every day you turn on the news, it’s something about Russia, or healthcare, or jobs, and no one can ever seem to agree.

However, if there’s one thing that truly brings Americans together — other than sports — it’s the mutual hate of something. And now, thanks to the dating app Hater¬†¬†(don’t worry — I’ve never heard of it either), we all know what exactly our state hates the most.

For example, I’m from New Jersey, and the thing we despise most is actually reasonable: jellyfish. And as a proud New Jerseyian, I can tell you that shit’s the truth: jellyfish are the WORST.


But not every state has as reasonable of a hate as NJ.

Nevada, not realizing we’re living in 2017, hates feminism the most. Delaware just can’t f*cking stand Casey Affleck. And what’s up with Utah, Colorado, and Kansas? How can one hate porn, Nsync, and Seinfeld? Those three things are as American as apple pie.

All in all, thought this map is just one giant definition of ‘first-world problems.’

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