Florida Man Casually Busts Out His Samurai Sword During A Road Rage Incident

This is what makes Florida such a treat: on any given day a man can bust out a centuries-old weapon in a fit of road rage. If this were, let’s say, New Jersey, this story is about a generic weapon like a baseball bat or a crowbar. But because its Florida, we’re talking about a katana.

Daniel Franklin Seymour, a Brooksville, Florida man is facing multiple criminal charges after he threatened to murder a couple with a samurai sword during a road rage incident on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 25.

According to the Brooksville Police Department, Adrian Rivera, 20, and Julian Rivera, 21, told police they were driving on North Broad Street when Seymour began “brake checking without provocation.” He then began using obscene hand gestures out of his window ‘while slowing down and speeding up.’

As the Riveras attempted to pass Seymour, they say he sped up and deliberately struck the right rear fender of their vehicle. When both vehicles pulled over and the Riveras exited, police said Seymour jumped out of his vehicle and approached them in “an aggressive manner.”

Police say that after both vehicles pulled over, Seymour pulled out a 25-inch samurai sword from the back seat and declared he was going to “kill them both.”

Seymour, 43, was arrested and booked in Hernando County Jail around 2 PM. According to Hernando County Jail records, Seymour faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and reckless driving.

He is currently being held on $24,500 bail.

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