The Title To The Upcoming 'Deadpool' Sequel May Have Been Revealed

Almost two years ago, back in 2016, Deadpool took the movie world by storm with a comic book film unlike any that audiences had seen before.
An R-rated superhero film unlike anything that had come before it, Deadpool breathed a much-needed new life into the comic book film industry with self-awareness, swearing, and R rating. In fact, the original Deadpool was so hilarious, that some people, myself included, consider it more of a comedy than an action film.
Following the release of Deadpool, the sequel was quickly put into production for a Summer 2018 release date. While fans have been treated to a mini-teaser, the name and plot of the film have yet to be released. However, Wade Wilson himself, Ryan Reynold, may have changed that over the weekend.
Reynolds posted a new Deadpool poster to Twitter over the weekend with what fans are speculating the be the title of the upcoming sequel, “The Second Coming”.

via ScreenRant:

The phrase in the bottom right-hand corner of the banner serves a few purposes. One is to reference the religious parody at play, while another is a boiler-plate sexual innuendo. The whole thing also effectively serves as a tagline for the film, likely one of many given the first Deadpool. But there’s also a strong chance ‘The Second Coming’ will be the subtitle of the Deadpool sequel. Unlike other taglines, it’s short and sweet enough that it could function as part of the film’s title—thus prolonging the joke. It also ties nicely into some comic book lore that increasingly seems like it will be a part of the movie.
As Nerdist points out, there’s a Marvel comic called X-Men: Second Coming. While Deadpool only had a minor role in the story, it does center heavily around Cable. Even more intriguing, but it’s the mini-series that brings Hope Summers into the present day. Hope was born following House of M and Scarlet Witch’s proclamation that wiped out most mutants. As the first new mutant to emerge in some time, she was treated as a sort of messiah and had to be whisked off by Cable to protect her from anti-mutant zealots. They spent years hoping through time and growing close, with Hope eventually adopting Cable’s last name.

While “The Second Coming” works just fine for us, we would have liked to see something like “Deadpooler”, “Deadpool: The Sequel” or “Deadpool Number Two”.

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