Irish Dude Goes To Thailand And Yup, You Guessed It, Gets Drunk & Raises Hell

Don’t get me wrong, being Italian is great and all, but god damn do I wish I was Irish. Those bastards just have more fun. Have you ever seen their fans at a soccer game? The Irish team absolutely STINKS, but despite that, every fan treats every game like its the World Cup final. That’s what some good ale will do for ya.
However, as fun as a drunken Irishman, or any drunk person, maybe, there’s also that dark side. Take me, for example. In high school, I accidentally drank lighter fluid and in college, I gave a $50 bill to a homeless guy (in my defense, he claimed it was for his daughter, which was a lie). My point is, we all do stupid shit when we’re drunk, but the key is to make sure its harmless stupid shit.
This is an example of the opposite.
Agust Gudmundsson (hell of a name) was arrested while visiting Thailand after he pepper sprayed checkout girls to steal cigarettes and something called “alcopops.”
via Daily Mail:

Gudmundsson, 49, stormed into the Tesco Lotus store, demanding booze. Staff refused to serve him because he was aggressive and drunk – which sent the middle-aged man into a rage.
He fired a bottle of pepper-spray at the two girls before walking behind the counter and grabbing packets of cigarettes and several bottles of ‘Spy Wine Cooler’, a sparkling wine. But the robber failed in his getaway bid and was caught a few metres after stumbling and falling over outside the store in Pattaya, Thailand.
Footage shows the man, who police said was Irish, handcuffed on the ground spitting and swearing at the reporter while yelling ‘hey, f*** you’. Shaken shop assistant Wassana Haru, 28, said: ‘We saw him walking outside then he came in and asked for alcohol.

Pattaya City Police kept Gudmundsson in the drunk tank until he sobered up before charging him with drunken behavior.
Look, I don’t care how tough of a drunk Irishman you are, Thailand jail is NOT a place I would like to end up under any circumstances. You ever seen The Hangover 2? Place is a human jungle.

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