Rutgers Sigma Chi Allegedly Drugged Sorority Members With Xanax During A Mixer

According to documents obtained by the Daily Targum through the Open Public Records act.  The Daily Targum reports that the members of Sigma Chi allegedly used Xanax to drug members of a sorority during a mixer at the start of the 2017 Fall Semester.
The Daily Targum, Rutgers’ school newspaper, filed the records request following the fraternity’s closure in November. At the time of the closure, no reasons were specified, but the fraternity was no longer authorized to display the organization’s letters or operate out of the fraternity house.
While the sorority’s name was redacted from the report, a source for the Targum said that it was Sigma Delta Tau that was at the mixer with Sigma Chi on the night in question.
via The Daily Targum:

At the start of the fall semester, she said Sigma Delta Tau, was invited to attend a mixer with Sigma Chi at one of the fraternity’s satellite houses.
“We used to mix with Sigma Chi a lot,” the source told The Daily Targum. “We had a lot of important mixers with them, like our big/little mixer, so as a sorority we were pretty comfortable with the fraternity. Then one night, at a mixer the weekend of Sept. 16, they put Xanax in the juice.”
The source said the brothers of Sigma Chi were the only ones who had access to the communal container of alcohol that night.
According to the written testimony, the mixer started out as a closed event between the fraternity and sorority. Around 11:30 p.m., Sigma Chi opened the event to the public, allowing approximately 100 people into the basement of the venue. In addition to a 30 pack case of Keystone Light, the fraternity reportedly provided an orange athletic container filled with a mixture of alcohol and fruit juice.
A number of women in Sigma Delta Tau mentioned this juice “tasting funny” and having a “chalky” texture, according to the report. Within the next few hours, individuals who had consumed as little as half a cup of the substance began reacting negatively to it.

Important to note, the Targum’s anonymous source says that Sigma Chi still denies that the drugging took place.
The Rutgers chapter of Sigma Chi did not respond to a request for comment. The fraternity, apparently not taking the allegations seriously, posted a status update on its Facebook page saying “We’re not suspended… You’re suspended.”

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