Thought You Wasted Money? China Is Spending $45 Million On A Mars Simulation Base

I once heard we know more about space than we do about the deep ocean. Can’t tell you where I heard it or who I heard it from, can’t even tell you whether it’s true or not —- but it sounds like an interesting fun fact so I roll with it.
So space, it’s big and it’s up there and sooner or later we’re going to have to get off this third rock from the sun and up into the big unknown. Ever seen Interstellar? Yeah, that’s essentially our future because sooner or later this planet is going to crumble, whether it be by nature’s hand or our own.
Which is EXACTLY why we can’t let the damn Chinese beat us to Mars. I don’t care if we need to use Qyburn’s magic to resurrect Stanley Kubrick to stage another faux landing, the United States of America absolutely must become the United States of Space if we’re going to survive. Elon Musk needs to quit dicking around with hyper loops and A.I. and get back to what really matters, MARS, because the Chinese are officially no longer f*cking around. You think it’s a coincidence that they’re ramping up their Mars projects in unison with Kim Jong Un’s increasing madness? Exactly.

Via Daily Mail:

China is set to spend 400 million yuan (£47 million) building a simulation base of Mars to conduct research and give locals a chance to see what living on the red planet would be like. Scientists will visit the base in Qinghai province to practice conducting experiments in similar conditions. It comes as the country rushes ahead with its plans to send probes to Mars by 2020 with bigger plans to send humans to the planet after
The site will house a scientific research base and eco-tourism site. The village will be based in Qinghai province of which 95,000 square kilometres is a desert with lack of vegetation. Video footage posted by state media show the site in which the base will be built.
According to Xinhua, the red rock area in Qaidam Basin in western Qinghai has been often referred to as the ‘most martian place on earth’.
Liu Xiaooqun, from the moon and deep-space exploration department of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said on Tuesday: ‘As China’s only Mars science and recreation base, we hope it will focus on the scientific theme of space exploration.’

Just another instance of Dave Chappelle being about 15 years ahead of everybody else.

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