Rita Ora’s LOVE Magazine Advent Calendar Video Just Needs To Be Seen

It’s that time of years folks, and by that time of year, I mean LOVE Magazine Advent Calendar szn.

Rounding up all the hottest women in the world, the LOVE Magazine Advent Calendar is beloved by both men and women alike. Women love it because of female empowerment (or something, IDK, ask them), while men love it because, well, it’s kind of obvious.

While it’s likely that nothing tops Emily Ratajkowski’s Day 3 Pasta video (my god) if anyone is gonna do it, it’s Rita Ora.

Ora, who exists in this weird purgatory of being super famous everywhere in the world except the United States, is low key one of the hottest chicks in the world, and this LOVE video is only going to further stake her claim.

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